Shrutika & Aurv

I’m normally not a big fan of pre-wedding shoots, but I quite looked forward to doing one for Shrutika and Aurv. Shrutika is a Gwalior-girl working in Bangalore, and was very keen on experiencing Delhi. Aurv, who calls this city home, is always up for soaking in more of Delhi’s architectural and culinary goodness. I … More Shrutika & Aurv

Bharat’s Haldi

Haldi is my favourite of all wedding ceremonies. They’re full of colours, mischief, and laughter, and bring out the naughtiest in even the seemingly solemn family and friends. Here are some photos from Bharat’s very eventful haldi, which I photographed for Two Knotty Photographers.

Mana & Tanmay

I’ve known Mana for a few years, and have mostly met her at weddings of common friends where we’ve been enthusiastic dance partners. I couldn’t contain my excitement when she got in touch to share that she was getting married, and that she wanted me to photograph her wedding. That’s it. It was decided. The … More Mana & Tanmay

Handmade in Oaxaca

Thousands of tall cacti stood erect on the hills like goosebumps, welcoming us to the state of Oaxaca. In places, there were thick blankets of pale, fluffy grass, almost as if the hills were sporting fur jackets. As we drove into the historic centre of Oaxaca city, the vibe resembled that of both, a beach … More Handmade in Oaxaca

Share Bazaar ki Chai – My Tryst with Calcutta’s Tea Theatre

There are Calcutta sounds I itch to hear as soon as I set foot in the city. The fervent mixing of jhaal muri in a metal donga, the crunch of a puchka, the waft of Rabindra Sangeet from an old radio, and an occasional tinkle of the somewhat forgotten tram bell. On my most recent visit, … More Share Bazaar ki Chai – My Tryst with Calcutta’s Tea Theatre

Upcycled Wonderland – A Small, Big Wedding (Part 7)

Ranjit bhaiya arrived a month before the wedding. His job was to ensure that things ran smoothly around the house. His arrival coincided with Ma resolving to decorate our balcony herself. What followed over the next 30 days was a jugalbandi of Ma’s upcycling ideas and bhaiya’s unbelievable execution skills. I woke up every morning … More Upcycled Wonderland – A Small, Big Wedding (Part 7)