The Comfort Folks – A Small, Big Wedding (Part 5)

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt both more and less like myself than I have in a long time. Swinging between order and chaos, this period has been like a crash course in self-discovery.  One morning, I peeped out of my room at dawn to find ma scribbling secretively on a piece of paper. It was the beginning of what would go on to become one of her biggest, most special works of art.ganesh-1

ganesh-2Ma has a way of drawing all the nervous energy from the environment, adding a big dollop of color, and turning it into beautiful pieces of art that radiate warmth and comfort. A strip of plywood which had been resting behind a cupboard for years was pulled out and given a smear of the brightest yellow and a border of banana leaves. It is now home to our dear friends Bholi the camel, Patlu the turtle, Gori the cow, and Matku the elephant, all named after a serious discussion between Ma and Nani. Being a family of animal lovers, we’ve made their home right in the middle of ours. Ma also saved a big center-spot for baby Ganesha. ganesh-7

ganesh-5Ganesha arrived today, and it took my breath away! Our dear nani-esque Hem auntie spent weeks putting this incredible piece of art together, and it shows Lord Ganesha in his glorious form as the remover of obstacles. I love the addition of the haldi, supaari, and copper coins and grain to the super detailed artwork. Ma has worked with Hem auntie everyday for over a decade, and her love for art and culture trickles down into all our personalities. We’re so thrilled to kick-start the wedding festivities with our comfort crew!ganesh-8

ganesh-9I’m going to be super busy for a few days, but I promise to share the happenings from our small, big wedding whenever I get a chance. Thank you for reading and cheering us on! 🙂


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