Shrutika & Aurv

I’m normally not a big fan of pre-wedding shoots, but I quite looked forward to doing one for Shrutika and Aurv. Shrutika is a Gwalior-girl working in Bangalore, and was very keen on experiencing Delhi. Aurv, who calls this city home, is always up for soaking in more of Delhi’s architectural and culinary goodness. I … More Shrutika & Aurv

Handmade in Oaxaca

Thousands of tall cacti stood erect on the hills like goosebumps, welcoming us to the state of Oaxaca. In places, there were thick blankets of pale, fluffy grass, almost as if the hills were sporting fur jackets. As we drove into the historic centre of Oaxaca city, the vibe resembled that of both, a beach … More Handmade in Oaxaca

Ma’s Paintings – A Small, Big Wedding (Part 1)

I recently moved on from a full-time job to find myself in a household high on wedding planning-induced euphoria. Having decided to keep myself busy with a personal visual documentation project alongside the job hunt, I scrambled to look for some inspiration. I soon realized that there was a massive project brewing right under my … More Ma’s Paintings – A Small, Big Wedding (Part 1)

Lodhi Art District

Lodhi Colony, with it’s quiet, wide streets lined with peach-coloured blocks, has always been one of the most charming parts of the city for me.  Each block has massive arches with happy, bushy trees spilling out onto the street. The Lodhi walls are now playing canvas to some fantastic graffiti artists from all over the … More Lodhi Art District